Start Copying.

TextGrab is a Chrome Extension that lets you select text from videos and images.

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Easy to use

Simply select the image/video you want to select, and watch as the text comes alive! Simply select and copy the text like you would in any webpage!

  • Capture
    Activate the extension to capture the text and images on the screen.
  • Select
    The text is now selectable and you will be able to highlight the text/images which you would like.
  • Copy and Paste
    Simply copy and paste these contents as you would from anywhere else!

Be more Time Efficient Wherever you go

All you need is a laptop and Chrome installed, and you are ready to TextGrab!

  • Works Immediately After Downloading
    We don't require any information from you, simply download and start saving time!
  • Captures Text in Seconds
    TextGrab will quickly identify the text within the video or image.
  • Free to Use
    TextGrab currently costs absolutely nothing to use!

24/7 Email Support

Contact us whenever! Our team works tirelessly to respond to every email, and we welcome all feedback, questions, and suggestions.

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Beta contains features that have not yet been released on the Chrome Web Store.